Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Bimini Twist

Just When You Thought Politicians Couldn't Get Any Dumber...

So I got involved when politicians in CT tried to ban all lead tackle. There was no real logic or fact based evidence to their arguments. Maine (or at least one politician) seems to be taking this to the next level. How about a ban on all "rubber" baits? "Maine legislators poised to ban all soft baits". Yep. That's not a typo. ALL soft plastics! Based on?????? Now, Representative Davis is the Chair of the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee, so he has considerable influence with regard to fish and wildlife policies. Despite searching several sites, including Rep. Davis', I cant seem to find much on what this ban would include. Are we talking all soft plastics? Leave the Senkos in CT. This would be absurd. Maybe Rep. Davis will clarify this in an upcoming public hearing. For now, I'm just scratching my head.

Interesting Local/Maine Blogsite

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jimmy Fee's Top 25 Striper Lures

Cool article, and a great topic to debate amongst your fishing buddies. The 25 Best Striper Surf Lures of All Time

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bay Daily: Menhaden Find More Favorable Virginia Currents

Looks like the diverse group of supporters of this legislation finally got the bill past Omega Protein.  I understand that it will impact the Reedsville area (I used to run my boat out of there) and individual's livelihoods, but the bigger picture is that declining menhaden stocks has an effect far beyond Reedsville, VA. This is a positive step in ensuring that both commercial and recreational fisheries remain viable into the future. 

Bay Daily: Menhaden Find More Favorable Virginia Currents

Friday, January 18, 2013

January Report

I wish I had more that I could report right now, but my opportunities to get out and fish have been few and far between. In the mean time, I will cull through and post local reports from other sources to keep you up to date on what’s biting, when and where. Fishing is actually great right now. My friend and guide Scott Glazier is consistently putting people on fresh steelies up in Altmar, NY, including Jimmy Fee recently from On The Water. I’d love to sneak up there for a weekend, but don’t see it in the cards until my March trip. Saltwater anglers are starting to see a good bite of cod off Block Island, and I’ve had a few friends make the run over, returning with coolers full of fillets. Several charter and party boats are running out of Point Judith RI every day.

I’ve yet to get out for my very first ice-fishing experience. I even broke down and bought a few tip-ups, so I won’t show up completely empty handed. My wife has even expressed an interest in at least accompanying me on an ice-fishing outing. At least she won’t get seasick. Maybe this new cold snap will enable me to finally give hardwater fishing a go. Now I’ve just got to find a friend willing to haul along a few newbs.

If it’s not hard water fishing this weekend, I’ll probably make the trek up to the Riverton-New Hartford area to fish for some trout on the West Farmington. This new cold snap might slow things down a bit, but this stretch of river is known to yield fish all year long.

Whether it’s hard or open water, fresh or salt, there are options right through the months of January and February. It’s not just a time of year for sorting, repairing or eyeing new gear for the spring. Get out and wet a line!

Connecticut and Rhode Island Fishing Report 1-17-13

Connecticut and Rhode Island Fishing Report 1-17-13

Sunday, January 13, 2013

For Sale - 14ft. Sea Nymph "Gemma Rose"

The Gemma Rose is for sale. 14ft. Sea Nymph with a 2010 20hp Tohatsu outboard, Hummingbird FF, bimini top, front casting deck with storage underneath, six vertical and four gunnel rod holders, cockpit and floodlights and much more. Trailer included. She's a great little boat for rivers, lakes and skirting the shoreline. She is a fishing machine! Check out the videos. What is included: 14' Sea Nymph hull 20hp Tohatsu MFS20CS new in 2010 Never used Hurricane 2-Bow Bimini Top Fishfinder 6 verticle rod holders 4 gunnel rod holders 2 seats (bases for three) 12v battery Foreward flood lights Cockpit LED lights 500gph bilge on switch Trailor PRICE - $2500.00

Cruising 3/4 throttle in the bay.

This is the type of fun you could have with this boat! Price - $2500.00

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Boat

So forty-five minutes after I got home this afternoon, the conversation with my wife went something like this.... Me. "Oh, by the way, I bought a new boat." Sam. "Yeh. Who's playing in the 4:00 pm game?" Me. "Broncos and Ravens." Sam. "You'd better be kidding." It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission. More on my Triumph Skiff once I actually pick it up. Anyone want the Gemma Rose? (14'Sea Nymph hull, 20hp 2010 Tohastsu tiller, lots of extra mods).

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dave “Pops” Masch: “Feared by fish, loved by many.”

Dave “Pops” Masch passed away.  Linked is the announcement from OTW. Click the Title.  Pops was an educator of both young and old.  I loved reading his columns, and had the pleasure of chatting with him several years ago.  He was as genuine and outgoing in person as he came across in his writing.  I will certainly miss his columns. 

Dave “Pops” Masch: “Feared by fish, loved by many.”

Friday, January 4, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brownstone Park/CT Outfitters Icefishing Derby

Brownstone Park Ice Fishing Derby Feb. 23 & 24 Hey all you ice fishers and ice fishing wannabes! Drill into the ice and compete for the biggest catch in the Brownstone Park Ice Fishing Derby on Feb 23 & 24 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Sponsored by Connecticut Outfitters, ice fishing instructions and demonstrations on equipment and technology will be held both days. Use their gear or bring your own. Connecticut Outfitters will be providing free instruction on ice fishing to the novice, and also will be demonstrating ice fishing equipment and new technology on both days. Complimentary gear will be available, so this is a great event for families and friends to enjoy the day. You don’t need a thing – just dress in warm layers! There will be $1,500 in cash and prizes available during this event! (Scroll down for the Fishing Derby Rules.) Native fish in the quarry include largemouth and smallmouth bass, perch, crappie, carp and catfish. Prizes will be awarded, although no prize could match the thrill of catching Brownstone’s SEVEN FOOT LONG catfish! The Ice Fishing Derby runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Feb. 23 & 24. Admission is $29 for adults and kids 12 & under are only $18. Along with the Derby activities, you’ll have access to our dry zip lines all day. Please register in advance below … space will be limited. Spectator passes are available for $9, and if you’re interested in stopping by to ride our dry zip lines and not participate in the Derby, admission is only $18.