Thursday, June 28, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

6-24 Report. Fishing Tube & Worm

Real nice morning fishing the north side of Fisher's Island. Some small boat/yak tube and worm how to. Paid for the nice fishing on the way back to Niantic, having to run a little boat on an incoming tide pushing against a steady breeze. Got a bit wet, but it was worth it!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Got out yesterday. No more east wind It's swung 'round to SSW. Started at towards Harkness well before dawn and fished the last hour or so of outgoing tide. Nothing but some taylor blues. Had planned to try fishing further west than I normal go, and started working around Black Point as the incomming tide picked up. Was immediately catching schoolies on tube and worm with one keeper, and the day was looking promising. Checked my tide station app on my phone and noticed 2 missed calls from my wife. Turns out my daughter was sick on her last day of school, and my wife needed to be in Fairfield for work. So, by 7:30 I was headed back to the dock. My buddy fished from his yak in Stonington Tuesday, and came back with a couple of keepers. The change in wind has made a difference!


Went out of Niantic to fish the early incoming tide. Pretty big swells pushing in on the steady NE wind we've had. They were starting to pound on Two Tree and Black Point once the tide started coming in. Couldn't drag my eels or tube and worm through the boulder fields. Night + rollers + rocks + little bitty boat = nice insurance payout for Sam (if they find me!). Nothing but blues. Decided to call in quits pretty early. Was heading in as most weekend warriors were just showing up at the ramp.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Daiwa Demo Day on the Blackhawk

Went out on the Blackhawk with CT Outfitters and Daiwa for a demo day. Left the dock at 4pm and fished between Valiant Rock down towards Race Point. Absolutely crushed them! Lots of big keeper bass coming over the rails with most guys limiting, and some big chopper blues as well. Fished the trip with no real tangles. Had the entire line of Daiwa saltwater gear to play with. Thanks to Capt. Greg, Gary, Steve, Matt and the rest of the Blackhawk and CT Outfitters crew for an awesome evening on the water!  Check out thw photos (me TOP on the rail, and the pool winner Tommy) from Capt. Blaine Anderson and CT Outfitteres HERE