Monday, September 24, 2018

Securing Your Firearm with Zore

My ZORE. Own Your Gun. Lock finally arrived on 9/24 after placing a 7/27 order. They did include a Black Cage magnetic mount as a "Thank You" for the wait. The lock works flawlessly in my 9mm GLOCK 17 and 43. No problem ejecting the lock with a swift pull of the slide. I'll probably play around with the combo a bit. Higher digits require two actions to rotate the wheel, slowing down the process. Like anything, repetition is required to become really proficient under any circumstances. If you're looking for a safe locking option other than a safe or keyed device, I'd definitely consider the Zore. You can find out more at

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Rock Treads - Aluminum Disk Grips for Your Wading Boots, Made in America!

Navigating slick river or jetty rocks isn't getting any easier with age, and taking a spill seems to hurt a hell of a lot more, so I was super stoked when the guys at Rock Treads were kind enough to send me one of their kits to install on a set of Korkers Omnitrax removable soles. A few weeks back I wrote up a review of the Korkers Hex Soles, so now I've had a chance to to see and try both companies' aluminum disk traction systems. I've only had the Rock Treads out once, so I'm posting this video of the product, installation and some basic feedback. I plan a more extensive review at the end of the fall run, and hopefully some information on where you might be able to check them out first hand in the North East before next season. I will say, during this one trip, my feet stayed glued to the jetty rock, on steep angles and even the snot slick stuff that was getting washed over by the tide. They provide a ton more surface area than the Korkers Hex Treads, are made of a higher aircraft grade aluminum, and as you can see from the video and pics, are considerably beefier. They're gaining quite a following among river guides and freshwater fishermen, and are looking to expand into the surfcasting scene. They'll need to introduce all stainless hardware for that, but my initial impression is that this product is a winner.

                                          Korkers Hex Treads (left) & Rock Treads (right)

                                              Slick jetty rock was absolutely no problem.

Monday, September 3, 2018