Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Take a Vet Fishing

On September 9th, I will be going to down Branford to help out with the TAVF program. The program works with the VA to help veterans enjoy an activity that many would otherwise not have an opportunity to, or in many cases, would not have thought themselves able to. This will be my first time helping out, and the program has grown from a dozen a few summers ago to over 80 participating now. There are only 7-8 other guys who help with the actual fishing. Many of the vets need assistance due to injuries suffered while serving our country. I got involved through an appeal from Pat at Rivers End, who has been generous in supporting the group with gear and hands on assistance. Trout Unlimited has come on board, and hopefully some major support from Cabelas and other groups will be forthcoming, as the desire to participate is outstripping the resources available. If anyone is interestedin helping or donating gear, lmk or check out the link below.

Take A Vet Fishing Article

TAVF Website

Volunteers don't have to be members of the First Congregational Church of Branford. There are lots of guys like me who just want to give something back to the vets by sharing something we love to do.

Dates remaining this year: 9/11, 10/9

See you at the BfB!!!!! :D

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Niantic Report 8/19 and a new outboard on the Gemma Rose

Decent day, but really a chance to run the new engine for the first time. Also caught my first blues on a fly rod (I'm pretty much a newb), and not sure what I think. My initial impression of using the fly rod is kind of like fishing with a rubber band. I'm not sure I'm that thrilled about it, but it does have a place in the arsenal, so becoming more proficient is a goal. I imagine it would be cool on some monsters, but I felt as though I was missing some of the contact with the fish and thus the fight. Not sold, but certainly not ready to abandon this aspect of fishing. Anyway, watch the report!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Better than a skunk

Quick Report - 8/6/10 out of Niantic. Incoming tide to 7:30am.
Water temp 71-72 degrees
80 @ outflow
Blues after dawn on tube and worm and Deadly Dicks. No big schools, just picking up strays at the outflow, Black Point and Wigwam Rock.
Legit report of solid schoolie fly action on Barlets.