Monday, December 20, 2010

The Frozen Few and Heater Huggers

Back from Pulaski with all my digits intact. I'm proud to say that I fished over 8 hrs. in the water Saturday without resorting to heater hugging at all. My brother fell in (didn't get too wet thank God or his day would have been screwed) before we even started, and despite half of the trip hugging the heater, managed 2 nice steelhead while I lost 4. We fished with Scott Glazer, owner of Tinker Tavern Lodge and Guide Service. He will be featured in an upcoming On The Water show. Don Kingsley, longtime Salmon River guide from Tightlines Guide Service,was our other guide. Both of these guys were awesome. The trip absolutely rocked! We are already planning to hit the steelhead spawn in late March and another trip for October/November.

Fishing the Salmon River in wnter is OK given the right gear. I wore Cabela's Big Man Ultimate™ Hunting Waders with Cabela's 400-Weight Fleece Wader Liners, UnderArmor cold gear top and bottoms, a Woolrich wool plaid shirt, light fleece and a Herter's RTO 3-in-1 Parka. For the feet I just wore a pair of silk liners and Cabelas heavy boot socks. As I said, I spent almost 8 hours in water that was actually in the upper 20s, and was comfortable all day. I actually ditched my gloves early on, choosing to keep a couple of warmers in each pocket. The proper clothing will make one of these winter trips really enjoyable, but skimp and you will be a heater hugger.
Some more vids from my brother Doug, AKA DBKStrongman on Youtube.

More vid from my brother Doug.

Friday, December 10, 2010