Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Recruiting a New Generation

I posted this on another site, but thought I'd throw it up here as well. The environment in CT is a LOT different than back down south. I spent yesterday evening at my monthly rod and gun club meeting with Tom Donlon from the CT DEEP discussing hunter recruitment. The overall numbers lost each year are more than sobering. At the rate of decline, there will be nobody left to fight for rights in another decade. Despite comments I read about cuts to programs, the CT DEEP DOES have federal funding and NRA support for hunter recruitment programs, BUT they need every hunter to get out there and recruit at least one new person this coming year, and not someone who has family or other connections to hunting already. Clubs and hunters need to recruit outside of their traditional membership base. CONVINCE YOUR HIPPY NEIGHBOR WHO BUYS $25 FREE RANGE CHICKENS THAT HUNTING IS REALLY THE MOST ETHICAL AND HUMANE WAY TO HARVEST MEAT, AND GET HIM OR HER OUT IN THE WOODS. DON'T START HUMMING DUELING BANJOS EITHER!!!! WE WANT TO ENCOURAGE THEM, NOT SEND THEM SCREAMING BACK TO STARBUCKS. Letters to reps are great and need to keep coming, but either recruitment happens, or you can count on more and more legislation to eventually cut hunters out of all public lands here in CT.