Friday, March 25, 2011

2010 Volunteer Angler Survey Results

Results of the 2010 VAS. Anglers interested in participating should contact the CT DEP.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fish in a Barrel

Fished back at Hanover Thursday after a day of 60+ weather and had a few small bass. Went back Friday and much the same, with one difference. The water was down a foot. By Saturday the pond was drained. So much for droppoing in my boat. My first reaction was SH*t! I spoke with the site manager from the town. A sewage pipe ruptured, flooding the treatment plant with pond water. The repairs may take all week. What do you do? Go fishing, that's what! With 3/4 of the pond drained, catching fish was not going to be a problem. In my first 1 1/2hr I had a 3 4+ pounders and one bass weighing in at nearly 6lbs. Anothe 4-5 lb'er is swimming around with a 4" storm shad in his mouth. The perch were huge and ready to spawn. I also hooked one large carp that threw the soft bait, and accidently snagged another that spooled me. Caught more small bass than I bothered to count. Life is GOOD today!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Published" in SWS

Got my April Saltwater Sportman today, one of my most important reads for the month (I don't just buy it for the Fish Babe - I do read the articles). Read John Brownlee's Letter from the Editor and then flipped the page to "Talk on the Dock." Leading off was "Shifting Effort in North Carolina." Topic I've been reading about and taken an interest in. Deja Vu. Skim to the end. There's my name. This is excerpted from my letter to Dr. Louis Daniels, Director of Marine Fisheries in NC. Dr. Daniels didn't reply, but SWS printed it!

PS - Congrats to Fish Babe of the Year Marisa Hankins. Why can't I find a fishin' partner that looks like that?