Sunday, November 22, 2009

Years End

This blog got a late start this season, but I'll be starting 2010 with a February trip to Islamorada, FL, and fishing hard right through the year. As for my final trip today....Skunked. This was definitely the last time out. Don't know if it's my total lack of knowing what's going on with pike (don't see them down South), the rain and muddy water; who knows. I fished from Haddam to Salmon cove, and then back up to the Higganum RR bridge on both tides. Went with the go big or go home theory. Had a few pond shines torn up, but nothing took the hook. Threw stick baits, swim baits, spinners, the whole box. Guys fishing at 53 all had the same story. Maybe it wasn't just me. Just as well, because if I caught a bunch of fish, I'd have a harder time calling it quits. I'm emptying and cleaning gear and taking the boat in for a winter service next week. Maybe in Jan/Feb when I get bored I'll head over to Norwich to knock some schoolies upside the head with jigs.